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National Mentoring Month

Celebrate Mentoring

What Is National Mentoring Month?

National Mentoring Month is a month-long series of events designed to raise awareness of mentoring among young people and adults. Launched jointly in 2002 by the Harvard School of Public Health and MENTOR National, NMM is now celebrated by for-profit and non-profit organizations, governments, and individuals worldwide.

Anyone can be a mentor. National Mentoring Month is a celebration of the human need for mentoring and its importance to growth.

National Mentoring Month: Key Dates

MentorcliQ will have a wide range of social media activities to celebrate mentors and mentees, including the following key dates:

  • January 5, 12, 19, & 26 – Mentoring Advice Spotlights
  • January 10 & 24 – Mentoring Stories
  • January 17, 23, 30 – 2023 Mentoring Trends

You’ll find other important National Mentoring Month dates on the MENTOR National website.

Mentoring Quick Start

Getting started with mentoring for the first time? Here’s your garden path to adopting mentoring in no time:


There are multiple ways to engage with mentoring during National Mentoring Month. One important way to honor NMM is to become a mentor. That may not always be possible, however. You can also get involved by supporting mentoring organizations, like Big Brothers Big Sisters; sharing your mentoring story on social media; participating in local mentoring events; or socializing mentoring within your own personal networks. For employers, learning and development, and HR leaders, the following content will help you better engage your employees in mentoring:


3 Employee Development Strategies for Retention and Engagement

94% of workers stay longer when their employer invests in learning? Take that to heart as you explore these 3 development strategies that will boost your employee engagement and retention. 

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The Great Resignation Letter – five ways employers can prevent turnover

Why are workers quitting? Business leaders have been asking that question for months. In a Forbes Leadership Council post, we share several reasons that get right to the heart of the issue.

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virtual meets

Engage Your Virtual Employees with Mentoring

Since most employees will remain remote well into the future, enterprises are looking to keep their workforce engaged and productive. Check out these virtual mentoring FAQs, read our infographic with tips for participants, and download the Virtual Mentoring Toolkit.

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In addition to supporting enterprises, MentorcliQ proudly powers mentoring for first-generation, low-income college students via the non-profit, America Mentors. To date, this program has impacted over 5,000 students.

American mentors
Ohio state university
Notre Dame
NC State University

2023’S TOP 3

Re-Engagement | Authentic Connections | Affinity Spaces


2023’S TOP 3

Mentoring Milestones & Future Impact

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Celebrate Mentoring Success

Model Mentors Program
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Model Mentors Program

MentorcliQ clients can recognize the mentors in their program(s) that have put in 25+hours the past year developing others. These mentors can celebrate their achievements with the Model Mentor badge kit. Please reach out to your Client Partner to learn more!

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Champion of the year
mentoring champion 2021

Mentoring Champion of the Year

MentorcliQ recognizes one outstanding mentoring influencer each year. The winner has spread the word about mentoring beyond their daily role, inspiring a culture of mentoring inside and outside of their company. Meet this year’s winner:

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Why Is mentoring important?

Mentorship can have a powerful impact as it can provide mentees with:

  • A sense of belonging and connection to a community
  • A source of encouragement and motivation
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and explore new interests
  • A safe and supportive space to share their thoughts and feelings
  • Exposure to new ideas and experiences
  • A role model who can show them what is possible and inspire them to reach their goals

The following content will help provide additional context to the value mentoring will bring once it’s fully implemented:


Mentoring Increases Employee Retention & Engagment

A well-aligned mentoring program increases employee engagement and retention by creating tighter bonds among seasoned employees and junior team members.

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Measuring Retention-Based Mentoring ROI

In this article published on HR.com, MentorcliQ experts share how to track and calculate your mentoring program’s ROI and client Clorox shares how they have seen a 41% decrease in employee turnover.

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award-winning mentoring ROI technology

Award-Winning Mentoring ROI Technology

With the ROI Dashboard, MentorcliQ’s clients can easily see their ROI as a result of mentoring their employees. MentorcliQ helps companies realize up to a 75% increase in employee retention.

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