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Solving Today's Talent Challenges with Mentoring

  1. Virtual


    COVID-19 has made remote work a necessity. Employees who have never worked remotely before are facing burnout, isolation, and productivity challenges.

    Our Solution

    Interpersonal connection is key to combating isolation issues, and mentoring is a cost-effective solution. Enterprises leverage mentoring to engage, develop, and retain their virtual workforce.

    Proven Results

    Nielsen used MentorcliQ to implement a Quick Connection program in under a week aimed at engaging employees who were worried about workplace isolation. This enabled connections on a variety of topics including remote work, parenting, and healthy living.

  2. Diversity &


    The Black Lives Matter movement and MeToo have accelerated interest from many organizations who seek to elevate their Diversity & Inclusion practices.

    Our Solution

    Mentoring is a proven way to create a culture that is more inclusive and more diverse. In fact, over 90% of DiversityInc’s Top 50 companies use mentoring to retain their diverse talent.

    Proven Results

    Trusted By The Most DiversityInc Top 50

    ADP, Disney, At&T, DOW, Exelon, Express Scripts & MORE

  3. Talent


    During an economic downturn,
    companies look to save costs
    while retaining top talent.

    Our Solution

    Mentoring Software is a low-cost way of leveraging the talent within your company to help develop others, and it also leads to a higher degree of employee loyalty and retention.

    Proven Results

    Cardinal Health uses MentorcliQ to run more than 20 mentoring programs globally, resulting in a 50% increase in employee retention and over $5M in employee retention savings. These results have earned them a Brandon Hall Excellence Award.

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