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Unlock the full potential of your ERGs with Mentoring

Transform natural connections into powerful ROI for your employees and your company.

Discover How to Elevate Your ERGs

3 Reasons ERGs Need Intentional Mentoring Programs

  1. Wasted Time & Potential

    While informal mentoring naturally occurs within ERGs, it lacks the consistency, direction, and support necessary to maximize its benefits. Without a structured program, these mentoring relationships can be sporadic and surface-level, failing to deeply engage members or fully develop their skills and careers.
  2. Disconnected from Business Goals

    ERGs contribute to an organization’s diversity and inclusion objectives, leadership development, sense of belonging, and talent retention. However, without intentional mentoring programs, it’s challenging to align the mentorship activities within ERGs with broader business goals.
  3. Lack of Measurable Outcomes

    One of the biggest challenges with informal mentoring within ERGs is the difficulty in measuring its impact on participants and the organization. Without clear objectives and tracking mechanisms, it’s impossible to quantify the benefits or understand the ROI. 

Unlock the potential of

ERGs + Mentoring

Intentional mentoring programs unlock the full potential of ERGs, transforming them into powerful platforms for growth, alignment with organizational goals, and measurable success. This structured approach to mentoring not only enriches the lives of individual participants but also propels the entire organization towards a more inclusive, supportive, and successful future.

Diverse employees using DIVERST ERG software for mentoring
Diverse employees using DIVERST ERG software to organize group events and meetings

100% of Fair360’s Top Companies for Diversity have both ERGs and mentoring programs

98% of US Fortune 500 Companies have mentoring programs

93% of companies are either maintaining or increasing their DEI spending

Transforming Potential into Impact

With intentional mentoring programs in place, ERGs evolve beyond mere networking groups to become catalysts for profound personal and professional development. These structured programs ensure that every mentorship opportunity is fully utilized, leading to deeper connections and significant growth for all participants.

From Disconnected to Aligned

Intentional mentoring transforms the way ERGs contribute to organizational objectives. By providing a clear framework that aligns individual development efforts with the company’s strategic vision, these programs ensure that mentoring within ERGs directly supports both personal growth and broader business goals.

Connecting ROI to your ERGs

With the introduction of tools and metrics designed specifically for tracking the progress and outcomes of mentoring relationships, intentional mentoring programs offer a way to quantify the impact of these initiatives. This capability allows organizations to measure success in concrete terms, demonstrating the tangible benefits of mentoring for both individuals and the company.

ESPN Case Study

ESPN creatively merged mentoring and ERGs together in its Peer Mentorship program. Two years in, the company’s ERG + mentoring approach had a 4.6 satisfaction rating, over 5,500 mentoring hours, a strong support from employees and executives alike.

Watch ESPN Mentoring Event highlight video by MentorcliQ

There’s power in the we. Participants not only feel seen, but they feel like they are a part of something bigger, which then inspires them to take what they’ve learned and experienced and apply that on the job. So it’s unlocking business value tenfold because of the relationships it builds and how we connect the dots. For me, that’s the proudest thing that I have in seeing how this program’s impacted the lives of our incredible talent at ESPN.”

ESPN Case study pdf

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ERG Mentoring Made Easy

with MentorcliQ

Mentoring with software streamlines the process of creating, managing, and measuring the success of mentoring programs, making it easier and more efficient than manual programs. By automating the matching of mentors and mentees, software ensures optimal pairings for effective learning and development. Most importantly, it provides tools for tracking progress, setting goals, and evaluating the impact of the mentoring program.

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Easy To Use

The easy button for mentoring including matching, training, content, and reporting.

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Enterprise Ready

Enterprise ready with GDPR, Privacy, Security, Integrations, and Dedicated Support.

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Measurable Results

Reporting for programs, relationships, and individuals. Benchmark your results with others in your industry and measure the ROI of your mentoring programs.

Diverse employee using DIVERST ERG software to analyse group activity and measure the population of ERGs

Start Transforming Your ERGs with Intentional Mentoring.

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