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75% of the Fortune 500 and 72% DiversityINC Top50 companies use enterprise wide mentoring as an easy and effective tool to engage their workforce. There is a growing need to engage all workers in meaningful collaboration and to share wisdom that only comes as the result of experience, which is where mentoring fits. With the rise in popularity of mentoring, talent professionals are being tasked with creating mentoring programs that involve more participants and align with current business needs–no small task.

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To help enable mentoring on such a large scale, we see organizations tie mentoring to a variety of employee development programs that serve wide-ranging purposes.

While the primary goal of enterprise mentoring programs are to offer mentoring to any employee who wants to grow in their career, these programs are often launched to complement more targeted mentoring programs that may be for more specific employee populations, such as a High Potential Mentoring Program or Women’s Network Mentoring Program. Enterprise Mentoring Programs supplement the learning opportunities for individuals whose needs are not met by other current offerings, and allow all employees to elect into a mentoring relationship whenever it is valuable for them.

The following are some of the common uses for Enterprise Wide Mentoring Programs that complement more targeted mentoring occurring within the organization:

  •   Career Development

    Typically offered by companies who want to help their employees gain insight and understanding into advancement opportunities within the organization or vocation.

  •   Role Development

    Enterprise mentoring can be industry specific like in hospitals systems where mentoring will help employees take on a set of connected behaviors, responsibilities, and norms associated with a specialized position or function.

  •   Skill Development

    In some function specific roles like sales or project management, companies aim to help their employees acquire complex abilities usually involving ideas, things, and/or people.

  •   Build Community

    Enterprise mentoring can support diversity, equity, and inclusion goals to help companies break down barriers and build communities, foster a more inclusive culture where employees feel a sense of belonging, and promote awareness and breakdown unconscious biases.

Benefits of Enterprise Mentoring Programs

How exactly do enterprise wide mentoring programs help companies unlock the social capital of their talent?
At MentorcliQ we found that:

  • 89% of mentoring participants said mentoring allowed them to contribute to the success of their company
  • 83% of participants said that mentoring positively influenced their desire to stay at their organization
  • 90% of participants said mentoring helped them develop a positive relationship with someone at work

So what does this mean for a company looking to start an enterprise wide mentoring program?

  • Boosted employee retention rates (by up to 75% if using software), saving millions in employee turnover costs and increasing the ROI of your mentoring program.
  • Creating a more inclusive culture fostering diversity and belonging where employees feel connected and heard.
  • Increased employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and promotion rates leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

Success at KeyBank:

As a result of the program, we have seen a 76% increase in employee retention among the mentor/mentee population. We also experienced a 55x return on investment for the mentoring program.

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Senior Talent Management Consultant

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Enterprise Mentoring in Action

Nielsen, a global market research firm, has a bold and broad diversity and inclusion strategy that is supported by their global enterprise mentoring program. As a DiversityINC Top 50 company Nielsen aims at ensuring all associates are provided with professional development opportunities, this is essential to Nielsens growth, strength, and ability to innovate.

The MyMentor program is designed to match a diverse group of mentees and mentors across different functions, lines of business, and job grades for increased social connectedness, developmental learning, and culture building.

Success at Nielsen

Video of Nielsen mentoring story
Image of Brandon Hall Gold award for Excellence in Corporate Initiatives


While mentoring provided Nielsen associates with the opportunity to connect Nielsen gained significant insight as well into what associates needed. The company learned about what challenges their associates face and how to scale operations to help support those people overcoming obstacles. With this information Nielsen was able to tailor professional development opportunities to their associates, as a result, participants report a 90% satisfaction rating for the mentoring program.


Based on participant satisfaction, program success, and employee demand Nielsen expanded their mentoring initiatives from 1 to 9 within the first year. The company not only used mentoring for professional growth of their associates, they expanded it to act as a social outlet for those who were out of the office and working remotely.


The bold initiatives at Nielsen helped them achieve their goal of enabling every associate to be included. It also earned Nielsen a Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Diversity and Inclusion strategy for their mentoring program powered by MentorcliQ.

Design Tips for Enterprise Mentoring Programs

MentorcliQ enterprise mentoring programs have received multiple awards highlighting the success of our programs, so we know a thing or two about setting things up for success. Here are some tips for getting started:

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Successful Enterprise Mentoring Programs include:

  • Connections to colleagues outside of the department or team
  • Exposure to professional development resources, such as tools, job aids, online learning
  • Support from experts in other areas of the organization

Enterprise Mentoring Programs typically last for six (6) months, with options for participants to renew their relationship as needs arise and to move on to a new relationship when they’ve fulfilled their goals.

Mentors | Who Are They?

Mentors in an Enterprise Mentoring Program may be any employee who feels they have the skills, experience, and time to offer a potential mentee. Most organizations recommend having a minimum amount of time at the company (e.g., 6-12 months). While leaders across the organization will be popular choices from a career development perspective, individual contributors can mentor others in functional skills and help them build connections throughout the organization. Because mentors may come from diverse places within the organization and may not have any preparation for mentoring others, we recommend providing training for mentors before they begin working with a mentee.

Some essential mentor skills include:

  • Building trust
  • Setting developmental goals
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Adapting communication styles

Mentees | Who Are They?

Enterprise Mentoring Programs are typically available for everyone in the organization. While the majority of mentee participants will be looking for career development from their mentoring relationships, others may be interested in developing leadership skills, enhancing their functional expertise, or making connections to a more diverse group of colleagues.

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