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Our Mentoring Software has been designed to help you get the most out of your mentoring program. It's an easy to use solution that helps your mentors and mentees get the most out of online mentoring.

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    Available on any device including Mobile Apps
    Multiple Program Formats: 1:1, Group Mentoring, Quick Connections
    Seamless Booking & Virtual Meetings with Integrations

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    Privacy with GDPR Compliance
    Security with SOC 2,Type II, ISO 27001
    11+ Languages

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    Certified Training for Mentors
    Automated Mentoring Supportfor Participants
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MentorcliQ customers rate us the highest in overall satisfaction, ease of use, features and value for the money. Request a demo and let one of our mentoring experts show you around the platform.

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Engage your employees now by getting them into your mentoring program. Each program is customized to your business goals and aligned with your development strategies. Learn more about launching a new program with the best mentoring software on the market and number one rated by customers.

    It only takes a few minutes to create a profile and share your mentoring preferences. MentorcliQ asks you for three pieces of information that will help find you a great mentoring match.
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    Profile fields and enrollment questions are aligned with your program’s goals and organizational language. Want to match employees based on location? No problem. You can collect location preferences during enrollment. MentorcliQ helps you capture employee information and preferences that will ultimately 1) lead to better mentoring matches, and 2) support meaningful program reports.
    Enroll Profile

    MentorcliQ is built on a flexible architecture that lets you deliver and support programs tailored to unique mentoring populations. Run multiple programs from a single MentorcliQ environment. Launch private (invitation-only) or public (open enrollment) programs.
    Mentoring Program Types


Healthy relationships are key to a successful mentoring program. MentorcliQ Mentor Software helps you create great mentoring matches — without using a single Excel spreadsheet ;). Learn more about MentorcliQ’s powerful and flexible mentor matching technology.

    Create great matches using a powerful match score based on profiles, preferences, and personalities! As with other program details, the match score can be weighted to give preference to what’s important to you. For example, you can tell the MentorcliQ match algorithm to give cross-functional matches preference, in which case, employees in different departments would get a higher match score.

    Find A Match Sandy

    Use the right Matching style(s) for your program:

    • Self Matching – participants select their own match
    • Suggested Matching – participants SUGGEST a match for admin consideration
    • Admin Matching – the administrator has total control
    • SMART Matching – match everyone at once
    Match Compare
  • SMART Match

    MentorcliQ’s SMART Match uses a Nobel Prize winning algorithm to create stable relationships across a large population. SMART Match evaluates all possible matches and optimizes the matches across the entire pool. So, rather than give Bob his top match, SMART Match might decide to give him his second best match, so that Linda can also get a great match.
    Smart Matching


This is where the magic happens! Individuals develop their mentoring relationships and work together to achieve mentoring goals. MentorcliQ innovative mentoring software adds the right structure, support, and guidance to help these relationships succeed. Learn more about how MentorcliQ guides employees through a mentoring program and helps administrators support these relationships.

    MentorcliQ helps you guide your employees through the mentoring program, using milestones and custom communications. Automated communications, for things like match notifications, next steps, upcoming milestones, and mentoring tips, help employees move confidently through the program and their relationships.
    Mentoring Tip

    Educate and inspire your employees with our custom mentoring content. Our Resource Library includes:

    • Guides — help employees start in their mentoring roles
    • Videos — provide quick instruction on targeted mentoring topics (e.g. Setting Mentoring Goals)
    • Worksheets — guide critical conversations (e.g. Reviewing progress at a mid-cycle check-in)
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    The majority of your program’s mentoring relationships are likely on track. MentorcliQ helps you quickly identify those handful of exception cases that need additional attention and support. For example, you can quickly see which employees are not meeting regularly or have reported zero hours of mentoring time in the period.
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There’s an old saying that “What gets measured, gets done.” Similarly, if you don’t measure your mentoring program, then you can’t improve it. MentorcliQ provides the right visibility into your mentoring program – to make sure mentoring is happening, and that your program is continuously improving. We have launched innovative mentoring programs all over the world and can help you do the same today. Learn more about how MentorcliQ collects important performance metrics and shares them through dashboards and shareable reports.

    QuickcliQs are sent directly to an employee’s inbox and allow employees to capture critical information about his mentoring progress in just 20 seconds a month. Each month, employees can use a mobile device or workstation to capture:

    • Hours spent in the mentoring relationship
    • Mentoring focus areas
    • Milestones achieved during the period
    QuickcliQ Complete

    Happy participants make a healthy mentoring program. MentorcliQ helps you survey your employees at key points in the program to help you gauge participant satisfaction with 1) the program, and 2) their mentoring relationship.
    Satisfaction Relationship

    MentorcliQ dashboards provide real-time information about your mentoring program performance including participation numbers, mentoring investment, focus, and satisfaction. These reports help you evaluate program health and identify opportunities for improvement. Create PDF exports to share program success with leadership.
    Investment Report