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  • 40+ Definitive Mentoring Stats for 2022

    40+ Definitive Mentoring Stats for 2022

    In 2021, one of the most pressing issues for companies was employee retention. The global pandemic caused many workers to rethink the value of work in their lives. The result? The Great Resignation. Now, companies are seeking any method they can find to reduce employee turnover. Many are starting to turn their eyes toward mentoring. That begs the question: Is mentoring […]

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  • Mentoring’s Workforce Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Mentoring’s Workforce Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

    MentorcliQ publishes mentoring trends annually during National Mentoring Month. These trends document the evolution of mentoring initiatives within enterprises and that drives mentoring programs worldwide.  The trends for 2021 are distilled from data collected from many Fortune 500 MentorcliQ clients with mentoring programs. As we look forward to 2021, we reflect on the events of the past year and how […]

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  • Employee Mentoring Trends 2020

    Employee Mentoring Trends 2020

    Top 5 Employee Mentoring Trends For 2020 by MentorcliQ MentorcliQ’s Top 5 Employee Mentoring Trends for 2020 with real examples of how talent development and HR teams are leveraging workplace mentoring to fuel employee engagement and development globally. Real Mentoring ROI Economy Proofing Your Talent Development Strategy Mentor Training= Mentor Readiness & Confidence Mentorship Brings Relief To Nursing Shortages Knowledge […]

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