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Category: Development Goals

  • Establishing REAL Developmental Goals

    Establishing REAL Developmental Goals

    Mentoring Relationship Goals Most everyone knows about SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Chances are you have used this mnemonic acronym at some point in your career to help you focus in on a performance goal or complete a complex and multifaceted project. I myself have used it and have taught others about it.

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  • Real Goals in Action

    Real Goals in Action

    Establishing Effective Mentoring Activities You’re likely familiar with SMART goals, the tried and true way many people learn to develop goals. And while SMART goals have their place and serve a purpose, SMART goals actually guide the setting of objectives, not goals. To establish developmental goals, we need REAL goals.

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  • Keep Calm And Mentor On

    Keep Calm And Mentor On

    Top 4 Reasons To Keep Calm & Mentor On: In light of COVID-19, we are sharing some inspiration and best practices to keep your employees engaged during this time with virtual mentoring. Below we have created 4 quick tips to make the most of mentoring relationships.  

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