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MentorcliQ and River Win Three Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards with KeyBank, Nielsen, and Robert Half

Columbus, Ohio – September 14, 2020: MentorcliQ, the leader in employee mentoring software that just acquired River Software, celebrates three Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards between the two organizations. In partnership with their clients KeyBank, Nielsen, and Robert Half, these awards highlight the power that mentoring can play throughout the employee lifecycle and in support of diversity and inclusion, leadership development, and employee retention.

KeyBank (NYSE: KEY) won a Gold Brandon Hall Group Talent Development Excellence Award for Best Advance in Measuring the Impact of a Talent Strategy. In partnership with MentorcliQ, KeyBank’s MentorMe@Key program is designed to match a diverse group of mentees and mentors from across and within different functions and lines of business for developmental learning, increased connections, and enhanced business acumen. “As a result of the program, we have seen a 76% increase in employee retention among the mentor/mentee population. We also experienced a 55x return on investment for the mentoring program,” says Jessica Wood, Senior Talent Management Consultant at KeyBank.

Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) won a Gold Brandon Hall Group Corporate Initiative Excellence Award for Best Inclusion and Diversity Strategy. The Nielsen Global MyMentor program powered by MentorcliQ makes mentoring available across Nielsen’s entire workforce and in support of their broader diversity and inclusion goals to ensure every associate has access to professional development opportunities. “In the first nine days of the program, we enrolled more than 2,500 employees across each of the 80+ countries in which we operate. Within eight weeks, this expanded to more than 15% of our eligible associates becoming engaged in mentoring. To date, more than 16,800 hours of mentoring has occurred at Nielsen,” says Matthew Hanzlik, Vice President, Global People Strategic Initiatives.

Robert Half (NYSE: RHI) won a Silver Brandon Hall Group Leadership Development Excellence Award for Best Advance in a Coaching or Mentoring Program. In partnership with River, the Robert Half United Leadership Exchange provides mentoring partnerships to newly promoted and hired leaders who support hiring, onboarding, training, and developing staffing professionals. “To date, more than 2,600 managers from around the world have participated in the program, and more than 8 in 10 participants are still with the company one year after taking on their new leadership role,” says Lynne Smith, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources for Robert Half. 

“MentorcliQ and River are thrilled to partner with our clients and help them achieve success with their mentoring programs,” says Phil George, CEO of MentorcliQ. “All organizations can benefit from employee mentoring, and we are honored to have won these awards with outstanding companies showcasing how they support talent with employee-focused mentoring programs.”

KeyBank, Nielsen and Robert Half will be speakers highlighted at MentorcliQ’s annual MentorCom in September. Learn more about how MentorcliQ and River are helping customers solve today’s most critical talent challenges through award-winning mentoring software. 

MentorcliQ is a relationship-based employee development platform and the leader in employee mentoring software. MentorcliQ drives employee retention by helping them to excel at their company and in their career. Virtual by design, for global employee populations, MentorcliQ is proudly improving the workplace for over 3 million employees. Organizations rely on MentorcliQ to power their comprehensive employee development strategy through mentoring in over 150 countries worldwide. For more information on MentorcliQ, please visit:

Acquired by MentorcliQ in 2020, River is a full-service mentoring solution, offering mentoring software, training, and consulting. Based in Denver, CO, they serve clients from a diverse client base, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and medium enterprises. To learn more about River, please visit


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