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  • When Mentoring Programs Fail

    When Mentoring Programs Fail

    Avoid These Three Scenarios for Mentoring Program Success I recently wrote about failure as it pertains to a personal experience and how we can still learn from a situation even when things don’t go as planned. This got some of my colleagues asking: What about when it happens on a larger scale, like with a mentoring program? Over the course […]

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  • Improve Millennial Engagement Through Onboarding Programs

    Improve Millennial Engagement Through Onboarding Programs

    Why Onboarding Programs Fail A 2014 Bentley University study revealed that the majority of recent Millennial graduates gave themselves a C- when it came to their level of preparedness for the workforce. Many people from this huge generation, an estimated 75% of the global workforce by 2025, are arriving to your organization lacking skills, knowledge and cultural awareness they will need to […]

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  • 4 Collaboration Styles in Social Learning and Mentoring

    4 Collaboration Styles in Social Learning and Mentoring

    Roles for Mentees, Mentors, Advisors, and Others We’ve all been there, sitting in a meeting listening to someone speak, when the person asks a question of the group. Cue cricket sounds. No one wants to speak up, and everyone is waiting for someone else to take action.  Now imagine that happening in an online mentoring or social learning environment when […]

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  • How Different Generations View Mentoring

    How Different Generations View Mentoring

    Generational Views on the Mentoring Process In conversations with HR practitioners and talent development leaders, people regularly ask me about one thing: the way that different generations view mentoring. This is a fascinating topic and one I’ve talked about over the years. To understand how different generations view workplace mentoring today, we need to first examine how mentoring came about […]

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  • How to Mentor Introverts

    How to Mentor Introverts

    3 Tips for Mentoring Program Administrators Networking is not an easy thing to do, and for some people, just the thought of it can make them break out into a cold sweat. Yet, building up your mentoring network can be invaluable and critical to your success at work and in your overarching career.

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  • Finding Your Strengths in Mentoring

    Finding Your Strengths in Mentoring

    Why Do You Want to Be Mentored? While there are innumerable goals mentees could have when engaging in a mentoring relationship, from our experience, the vast majority of people enter such relationships looking to improve on a perceived weakness, either one that they’ve self-identified or one that someone else (e.g., their manager) has suggested as an area for improvement. From […]

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  • 7 Types of Mentors

    7 Types of Mentors

    Which mentor is right for you? Deciding to find a mentor can be exciting, liberating, and scary—all at the same time. Who should you ask? What should you focus on? How will you know if it’s a good fit?  One more question to add to your list: What type of mentor should you look for? Mentoring is dynamic, personal, and […]

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