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  • Which Mentor Matching Option Is Right for You?

    Which Mentor Matching Option Is Right for You?

    The Ins and Outs of Self-Directed and Admin Matching When you’re designing your mentoring program, one of the biggest factors you will need to determine is how your want mentors matched with mentees. The typical mentor matching options are either to have self-directed matching, or to have mentoring program administrators match each pair. There are legitimate and even research-supported reasons […]

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  • Mentoring Is More than the Match

    Mentoring Is More than the Match

    Start Here When Designing a Professional Mentoring Program I’ve been heavily involved in helping clients successfully launch and grow mentoring programs for more than a dozen years now. Simply stated: It’s what I do. As I’m sure you can imagine, over those 12-plus years, I have learned numerous lessons around what works, and equally—if not more—important, what doesn’t work. One such […]

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  • How to Mentor Introverts

    How to Mentor Introverts

    3 Tips for Mentoring Program Administrators Networking is not an easy thing to do, and for some people, just the thought of it can make them break out into a cold sweat. Yet, building up your mentoring network can be invaluable and critical to your success at work and in your overarching career. I’ve built up a professional network, as […]

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