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  • How To Make Mentoring Programs Virtual

    How To Make Mentoring Programs Virtual

    See How To Create Or Convert Your Virtual Mentoring Programs: One question we frequently receive from our customers is how should mentoring programs evolve in order to keep participants engaged when they shift to virtual work?  The good news is that mentoring programs powered by MentorcliQ are virtual by design so this shift is a pretty easy one!  Working from […]

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  • Virtual @ MentorcliQ

    Virtual @ MentorcliQ

    Virtual Workforce @ MentorcliQ = Physically Distant & Socially Present: Like all companies, our workforce recently had to shift from in-person to virtual and we are making sure our employees stay connected and engaged. We came together and implemented the following 5 ways to remain socially connected while physically distant. [Spoiler Alert: Mentoring Is Key] .  At MentorcliQ, our internal […]

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