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Category: Strategy

  • Real Goals in Action

    Real Goals in Action

    Establishing Effective Mentoring Activities You’re likely familiar with SMART goals, the tried and true way many people learn to develop goals. And while SMART goals have their place and serve a purpose, SMART goals actually guide the setting of objectives, not goals. To establish developmental goals, we need REAL goals. The REAL acronym stands for Relevant, Experimental, Aspirational, and Learning-based. Relevant – indicate why […]

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  • How To Make Mentoring Programs Virtual

    How To Make Mentoring Programs Virtual

    See How To Create Or Convert Your Virtual Mentoring Programs: One question we frequently receive from our customers is how should mentoring programs evolve in order to keep participants engaged when they shift to virtual work?  The good news is that mentoring programs powered by MentorcliQ are virtual by design so this shift is a pretty easy one!  Working from […]

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  • Employee Mentoring Trends 2020

    Employee Mentoring Trends 2020

    Top 5 Employee Mentoring Trends For 2020 by MentorcliQ MentorcliQ’s Top 5 Employee Mentoring Trends for 2020 with real examples of how talent development and HR teams are leveraging workplace mentoring to fuel employee engagement and development globally. Real Mentoring ROI Economy Proofing Your Talent Development Strategy Mentor Training= Mentor Readiness & Confidence Mentorship Brings Relief To Nursing Shortages Knowledge […]

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