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  • 5 Mentoring Program Pitfalls

    5 Mentoring Program Pitfalls

    Tips for More Successful Business Mentoring Programs Mentoring has the potential to be life-changing for individuals.  It can also be a tremendously impactful practice that can significantly move the needle on core organizational measures (e.g., employee engagement, retention, and speed to productivity).  This is why many organizations turn to us: for our business mentoring software and expertise. Yet, even given the positive results […]

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  • Which Mentor Matching Option Is Right for You?

    Which Mentor Matching Option Is Right for You?

    The Ins and Outs of Self-Directed and Admin Matching When you’re designing your mentoring program, one of the biggest factors you will need to determine is how your want mentors matched with mentees. The typical mentor matching options are either to have self-directed matching, or to have mentoring program administrators match each pair. There are legitimate and even research-supported reasons […]

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  • Strategic Mentoring Framework

    Strategic Mentoring Framework

    Designing Your Mentoring Strategy The talented folks in charge of creating strategic initiatives have a number of tools at their disposal. One of these is the 9 box grid, which SHRM defines as a tool that “evaluates an employee’s current and potential level of contribution to the organization” and is “most commonly used in succession planning as a method of […]

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