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Category: Diversity & Inclusion

  • Encourage More Female Leadership by Using Mentoring

    Encourage More Female Leadership by Using Mentoring

    Fact: Having women in leadership roles increases a company’s bottom line. This Fast Company article from highlights some profound results from a Global Leadership Forecast study by DDI, the Conference Board and EY.The study found that companies with greater gender diversity reported they are: Twice as likely to have their leaders work together to create new solutions and opportunities 5 times more likely […]

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  • Diversity Changemaker Of The Year 2021

    Diversity Changemaker Of The Year 2021

    Inspiring Change MentorcliQ is thrilled to announce the 2021 Mentoring ChangeMaker of the Year Award Winner: Mary Schlegel, Mentoring Program Manager at LabCorp!  At MentorcliQ we believe that every employee deserves to be part of an inclusive work culture that embraces their diversity and allows them to engage, develop, and grow their career in an equitable way in the workplace. MentorcliQ’s […]

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  • Mentoring Outside the Box

    Mentoring Outside the Box

    We all have labels that we use to describe ourselves, or that others use to describe us. How would you describe yourself?  I would say I am a middle aged, cisgender white woman. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt. I am a writer, advocate, ally, and voice for one who is voiceless. I am a reader, a […]

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  • CARDINAL HEALTH – #mentoring stories

    CARDINAL HEALTH – #mentoring stories

    #MentoringStories – Cardinal Health by MentorcliQ MentorcliQ kicks off 2020’s National Mentoring Month with the #MentoringStories series. National Mentoring Month is the time of year to reflect on mentoring relationships that have made an impact in your life and in your career. If you missed the first mentoring story featuring FOX you can catch up here. We are excited to […]

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