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  • Expressing Gratitude in Mentoring

    Expressing Gratitude in Mentoring

    A Simple Message of Thanks Expressing gratitude is one of the most important things you can do in any relationship or partnership.  Taking the moment to reflect on who and what we are grateful for in our lives has a number of benefits including opening doors to better relationships, improvement in psychological well-being, improvement in physical health, and increases empathetic […]

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  • Mentoring For Employee Health & Wellness

    Mentoring For Employee Health & Wellness

    3 Reasons Mentoring Should Be Part Of  Your Employee Well-Being Initiative: While historically there was a focus on physical activity, company wellness programs also use this time to highlight a holistic view of health – not just healthy foods in the cafeteria but the growing interest in stress management and work/life balance.  One area often overlooked is maintaining a social […]

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  • What’s in it for (ME)ntees?

    What’s in it for (ME)ntees?

    The Benefits of Mentoring for Mentees When a mentee joins a mentoring program, there’s a threshold expectation that certain things are going to happen: development needs are going to be identified, goals are going to be set, and the mentor is going to guide the mentee towards achieving those goals. Of course there is a lot of work that happens […]

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