Bacardi – #mentoring stories

Laura Francis


Bacardi – #mentoring stories

#MentoringStories – Bacardi

by MentorcliQ

Last month in celebration of National Mentoring Month, MentorcliQ has been sharing this #MentoringStories series. In this series we highlighted some stories from real employee mentoring program participants. If you missed the first mentoring stories featuring FOX, Cardinal Health, Partners HealthCare, and ICF you can catch up here. Since we received a ton of positive feedback we wanted to keep the party going and continue to share inspiring mentoring stories from customers that are making their employee’s careers brighter through employee mentoring programs. Our next mentoring story comes from the largest privately held spirits company, Bacardi!


What Mentoring Means At Bacardi

Bacardi Limited strongly believes in family and treats all of their employees as primos (cousins in spanish). For their talent development Bacardi encourages an inclusive family forward culture supporting professional and personal growth. Mentoring at Bacardi initially started as a grassroots movement centered around women helping women to unleash the power of their current and future female leaders. Initially starting with 100 participants, Bacardi has scaled to over 700 users with future plans to top the 2,000 user mark, engaging 1/3 of their workforce! As part of the Women in Leadership initiative under the Diversity and Inclusion umbrella participants work toward mutually agreed upon goals through mentoring, networking opportunities, and personal and professional development activities. Since Bacardi believes each employee is part of their family, it was important that their women’s program be inclusive for men as well. As a result, over 50% of the mentors in the program are men, helping to facilitate the integration of culture and people!


Results speak for themselves when it comes participant satisfaction; 9/10 participants feel proud to work for Bacardi, 85% recommend Bacardi as a great place to work, and the mentoring program has a 9/10 participant satisfaction rating.

Bacardi #MentoringStories

In addition to the high satisfaction ratings of the Bacardi primos, see what else they are saying about the company and the program:

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have a mentor and it’s something I urge everyone to do. I’ve received invaluable insight into all aspects of work and life. It’s been a natural partnership and two-way dialogue that has allowed me the chance to view situations from a different and constructive mindset helping me on my own career and personal development.  Some things can only be learned through experience. For that reason, having mentors can be extremely valuable. I highly value my mentoring relationship because not only do we share the same passion, but we share a desire to surpass our limits and continue to evolve and live to our highest potential. It’s encouraging and uplifting to have people to look up to who can help you meet your goals and purpose. The discovery of oneself through another helps us on the journey to having a successful career.  Using MentorcliQ tool, helped to give the mentoring conversations more structure and in tune with the goals of that relationship.”
– Lendy Tabora (Bacardi North America / Supply Planning Manager)

“Mentoring programs are something I am very passionate about, not only as an HR professional but as a participating mentee and mentor! I’ve had a few different mentors assigned to me through Bacardi’s annual Women in Leadership Mentoring program, which utilizes the MentorcliQ tool. It’s amazing to me how different my mentors are from each other, yet have complemented my development needs so well – they’ve offered such different perspectives and areas of focus. One mentor focused on career moves, another focused on soft skills, and another focused on functional knowledge. As an HRBP, I’ve seen how mentoring programs can have such a positive effect on your talent and even your corporate culture. MentorcliQ helped make it possible for our program to grow to a global scale, reaching past our regional employees and helping bridge gaps across different countries.”
– Patricia Costoya, HR Business Partner

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