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Real Results with Mentoring ROI

Here at MentorcliQ we believe mentoring is a powerful tool to help leading organizations engage, develop, and retain their employees.  To support our belief we conducted research with our clients and found that mentoring plays a critical role in the numerous aspects of employee development, engagement, retention, and productivity.  We found that within each company there was personal and professional development happening which positive impacted the careers of each participant.  This translates to a more engaged and productive workforce, leading to increased return on investment (ROI) of the mentoring programs.  Below are some of our key findings for relationship satisfaction, developmental focus areas, participant engagement, productivity, retention, and most importantly, ROI.


Relationship Satisfaction


  • 95% of mentors said the relationship was useful
  • 93% of mentees said the relationship was useful

Top Development Areas

  1. Expanded professional networks
  2. Boosted interpersonal effectiveness
  3. Gained confidence in role
  4. Developed leadership skills
  5. Increased knowledge of their department and organization

Our Key Findings

  • 90% of mentoring participants reported that the mentoring program helped them develop a positive relationship with another individual in the company
  • 89% of mentoring participants reported that mentoring allowed them to contribute to the success of their company
  • 94% of mentoring participants reported that the mentoring program demonstrates their organization's commitment to provide career options and opportunities
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Competency Improvement: 91% of mentees said they experience competency improvement in one or more of the areas that they worked on in their mentoring relationship.


Productivity: 88% of mentors and mentees agree that their productivity or effectiveness increased due to their current mentoring experience


Retention: 83% of mentors and mentees said that their mentoring experience positively influenced their desire to stay at their organization

Award Winning ROI

Our findings above, when layered with retention based ROI analysis, support the idea that investing in your employees professional and personal growth through mentoring positively impacts your bottom line.  This profitability comes from improved employee retention, enhanced work output from engaged staff, and from employees having a richer understanding of corporate culture and goals which flow from a structured mentoring program.  Learn more about measuring Retention Based ROI here.

19x ROI

as a result of a 41% decrease in employee turnover



$5.2 million

in retention savings as a result of a  50% decrease in employee turnover

Cardinal BH awardlogo-cardinal-health-240

55x ROI

 as a result of a  76% decrease in employee turnover

keybank-logoBH KeyBank Award



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