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  • 40+ Definitive Mentoring Stats for 2022

    40+ Definitive Mentoring Stats for 2022

    In 2021, one of the most pressing issues for companies was employee retention. The global pandemic caused many workers to rethink the value of work in their lives. The result? The Great Resignation. Now, companies are seeking any method they can find to reduce employee turnover. Many are starting to turn their eyes toward mentoring. That begs the question: Is mentoring […]

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  • Mentor vs. Coach: What’s the Difference?

    Mentor vs. Coach: What’s the Difference?

    Mentoring and coaching are incredibly similar concepts. They are commonly (but not always) 1:1 relationships between someone who wants to learn and someone who has the experience that can be taught. But when you whittle down the details, the mentor vs. coach comparison reveals some distinct differences that matter far more than you might realize at first. Instead of being […]

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  • MentorcliQ Mentoring ROI

    MentorcliQ Mentoring ROI

    Here at MentorcliQ we believe mentoring is a powerful tool to help leading organizations engage, develop, and retain their employees.  To support our belief we conducted research with our clients and found that mentoring plays a critical role in the numerous aspects of employee development, engagement, retention, and productivity. We found that within each company there was personal and professional […]

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  • Meaningful Relationships Mean a Meaningful ROI

    Meaningful Relationships Mean a Meaningful ROI

    Mentoring Builds Meaningful Relationships and Meaningful ROI In Parts 1 and 2 we shared how mentoring programs increase social connectedness as well as support an inclusive culture.  Both topics feed into our final segment: investing in your employees well being through social connection positively impacts your bottom line.

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