Reimagining The Employee Experience For Gen-Z

Reimagining The Employee Experience For Gen-Z

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by Gracey Cantalupo

January 12, 2024

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Employee career trajectories, particularly for Gen-Z, are heavily influenced by the presence of supportive workplace structures.

Let’s use “Maya,” a Black female recent college graduate entering your organization’s Tech Center, to illustrate this impact.

Version 1: Vibe Check Is Mid

If your organization doesn’t offer Maya the community and support she needs, her path could look like this:

The First 90 Days: A Solo Voyage

Maya joins the organization brimming with enthusiasm but finds herself navigating the complexities of corporate culture alone. Without a mentor or the support of employee resource groups (ERGs), like a Women’s ERG or a Black ERG, she struggles to understand the unwritten rules of her environment and find role models who reflect her experiences.

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