MentorcliQ Reports 150 Percent Growth in New Mentoring Programs Year-over-Year As Companies Look to Build More Inclusive Company Cultures

MentorcliQ Reports 150 Percent Growth in New Mentoring Programs Year-over-Year As Companies Look to Build More Inclusive Company Cultures

Today, MentorcliQ, the gold standard in employee mentoring software, is announcing a 150 percent increase in new mentoring programs year-over-year from 2019 to 2020, with an equally impressive increase in employee participation. The growth is being driven by the company’s innovative approach to mentoring and helping companies move toward the new realities in the future of work, and what that will look like. A recent MentorcliQ client survey found that over 60% of companies are either not sure when their employees will return to the office or have plans to keep employees remote for the foreseeable future. As many organizations make plans for their workforce for 2021 and beyond, they’re also looking ahead to how to shape their culture and employee engagement in this new environment.

“The past year has given everyone a glimpse into the future of work – and not just from the perspective of where we’re working, but how we’re engaging and developing talent in a much more virtual environment,” said Phil George, President and CEO of MentorcliQ. “When so many began, and continued, to work from home, companies had to figure out how to keep employees connected and engaged, and ultimately how to retain them. And, while many companies have invested in recruiting more diverse talent over the years, far fewer have invested in effective ways to engage and retain that diverse talent. Retention of diverse talent has never been more important than it is right now and MentorcliQ helps businesses retain their talent by providing programs that engage and develop their workforce, delivering clear ROI results because we know every dollar counts. As companies continue to focus on the future of work, strong employee mentoring is becoming core to any talent strategy.”

Mentoring has become even more important in the past year, with many of MentorcliQ’s Fortune 500 customers expanding their programs because they are seeing employee retention increase by as much as 75 percent due to mentoring initiatives. And when it comes to mentoring programs, organizations often choose to create programs that have specific focuses, such as Diversity & Inclusion. In a year when Diversity & Inclusion took center stage, many amped up their existing initiatives and created new ones to strengthen the culture

For example, NielsenIQ, a perennial DiversityInc Top 50 company, leveraged MentorcliQ’s platform to create multiple new programs that matched emerging needs to connect diverse mentees and mentors worldwide which increased social connectedness and supported an already strong inclusive culture.

“We have made efforts to weave diversity and inclusion into the fabric of NielsenIQ’s talent practices. Through our global mentoring program powered by MentorcliQ, we are ensuring equitable access to a mentor for all associates and making inclusion a priority at every point where development opportunities are being granted. Our goal is to grow and strengthen an inclusive culture and retain our talented workforce by creating not only the best practices, but next practices for D&I.” – Kymberly Graham, Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Nielsen

MentorcliQ is leading an emerging category in work tech, employee mentoring software, and expects to accelerate its growth in 2021; including doubling the size of its workforce. To see how MentorcliQ is powering employee experience-forward strategies for Fortune 500 companies, visit

About MentorcliQ
MentorcliQ is the gold standard in employee mentoring software. Our enterprise platform and mobile app leverages scientific matching and an award-winning approach to consistently deliver 20X ROI to our global clients. MentorcliQ powers innovative talent strategies for global Fortune 500 and DiversityInc Top 50 organizations who are building inclusive cultures and delivering unmatched employee engagement, development and retention through mentoring. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality program experiences, MentorcliQ’s results-driven approach combines cutting-edge technology with mentoring best-practice expertise to improve employee engagement and increase employee retention by as much as 75 percent, allowing our client to fulfill their global talent strategies. To learn more about how MentorcliQ can help deliver results to your organization, visit


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