America Mentors Collaborates with Fidelity Investments to Help Underserved Students Persist to Graduation Through Mentoring

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by America Mentors

November 8, 2023

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America Mentors, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting first-generation, Pell Grant-eligible college students in their journey to graduation, is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Fidelity Investments.

This collaboration stems from Fidelity’s ongoing commitment to fostering educational inclusion and economic advancement for all through its Invest in My Education (ME)SM initiative, with America Mentors supporting the mentoring component of the program. As a corporate sponsor of America Mentors, Fidelity will directly contribute to the organization’s efforts to provide essential resources, mentorship, and support to underserved college students, including the 2,500 students that will participate in the Fidelity Scholars program over the next five years. 

According to education consulting firm EAB,  roughly 90% of first-generation, low-income students do not graduate college within six years. However, mentoring and coaching can make a significant difference in achieving positive outcomes.

America Mentors, powered by MentorcliQ’s award-winning mentoring software, has transformed the lives of over 5,000 first-generation, Pell Grant-eligible college students to date. America Mentors equips students with the mentoring and support they need to navigate the complexities of higher education and persist to graduation. 

“Investing in education is a cornerstone of our social impact initiatives,” said Dwayne Logan, VP Social Impact at Fidelity. “We are honored to partner with America Mentors, an organization that complements our dedication to creating equal opportunities for every student to thrive in their academic journey and beyond.”

The partnership with Fidelity Investments will further America Mentors’ reach, enabling the organization to support more students and contribute to building a future where every student has the opportunity to attain higher education.

“We are profoundly grateful to Fidelity Investments for their collaboration and belief in our mission,” said Kendele Hickombottom, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at MentorcliQ. “This partnership amplifies our efforts to bridge the educational gap and empower first-generation, Pell Grant-eligible college students to achieve their academic and career aspirations.”

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The application window for the Fidelity Scholars Program is open through January 11, 2024. Learn about student eligibility and apply here

About America Mentors

America Mentors is a non-profit organization that helps first-generation, Pell Grant-eligible college students successfully persist to college graduation. America Mentors is offered at no cost to colleges, universities and community organizations and is powered by MentorcliQ’s award-winning mentoring software. Learn more about America Mentors at

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