3 Retention Strategies as Employers Realize ‘Back to Work Doesn’t Work’

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October 8, 2021

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52% of employees polled said one of the reasons they are switching jobs is the lack of opportunity for growth and advancement (American Psychological Association). As “50% of professionals plan to leave their jobs in the next year, companies are hustling to implement programs to address the staggering turnover rates and save on replacement costs.” as explained in a recent Forbes article by Bryan Robinson.

“We’re currently in one of the hottest job markets in recent history and employers have found themselves searching for ways to hold onto their talent,” said Gracey Cantalupo, CMO of MentorcliQ

“Many companies have done their best over the past year and a half; however, lack of employee engagement, career pathing and sense of belonging are the top three reasons that drive employees to leave a role. Employers need to find ways to keep employees engaged, and mentoring is one of the proven ways to make that happen.”

Keep reading for the 3 best strategies employers can use to combat turnover through the Great Resignation and beyond: