2019 Mentoring Champion of the Year Award

2019 Mentoring Champion of the Year Award

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February 12, 2020

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MentorcliQ, the leader in employee mentoring software, announces Susan Moss, the Program Manager, Executive Development at Cardinal Health, as the Mentoring Champion of the Year, 2019.

MentorcliQ believes in the importance of mentorship for employees to thrive in their careers. The mentor who proves himself to be beneficial for his employees becomes the Mentoring Champion of the Year. This award recognizes and celebrates one outstanding mentoring influencer each year. The winner has spread the word about mentoring beyond their daily aspects, inspiring a culture of mentoring inside and outside of their organization.

Susan Moss, Mentoring Champion of the Year 2019, has embodied the heart and soul of the award by igniting a culture of mentoring at Cardinal Health as well as inspiring many other organizations with their mentoring success stories. Cardinal Health is a Fortune 500, global, integrated healthcare services and products company with approximately 50,000 employees in 46 countries. Through her mentoring, Susan has helped Cardinal Health successfully build a strong inclusive culture where employees can grow personally and professionally while enjoying their work and creating meaningful contributions to the organization. Mentoring has helped Cardinal Health become a great place to work for the employees at all levels.

Susan and her team have won multiple industry awards including ATD’s Excellence in Practice Award for Coaching and Mentoring. She has also won the Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring for demonstrating sustained improvement in employee retention for years.

Magazines Chief Learning Officer and Talent Development have published the success stories of mentoring at Cardinal Health. Susan has become a celebrity in the mentoring community after being featured on a Leadership Development panel at MentorCom 2019 and as a host on MentorCom LIVE in December 2019. These success stories and insights can be read in Cardinal Health’s recent mentoring case study: Igniting A Mentoring Culture.

MentorcliQ is honored to present this award to Susan Moss in recognition of her incredible dedication to improving the world by making mentoring available for thousands of employees at Cardinal Health and inspiring change in many other organizations to do the same. We are so grateful for her passion, knowledge, and the mentoring inspiration she has shared with us and so many more around the world,” Phil George, MentorcliQ CEO.

“Working on building and sustaining a culture of mentoring at Cardinal Health has been one of the highlights of my career. None of what has been accomplished would have happened without all of the hard work of the other Cardinal Health program administrators, our dedicated mentors, and mentees who participate and support each other. We are all a great match!”, Susan Moss, Cardinal Health.