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  • Benefits of Mentoring (for Mentors and Mentees)

    Benefits of Mentoring (for Mentors and Mentees)

    Companies worldwide are looking everywhere they can for effective, high-impact employee retention and engagement strategies. Most now turn to structured mentoring programs as a way to uniquely connect employees into active learning engagements that leverage the skills and experience of the mentor. In fact, 84% of US Fortune 500 companies now use mentoring programs (and 100% of the top 50 […]

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  • The Mentoring Journey

    The Mentoring Journey

    How Mentoring Can Change Your Life One step forward, two steps back.  That is how life feels some days.  A few years ago, my son had to have major hip surgery and spend six weeks in a double hip spica (Google it). Even though those six weeks felt unimaginably difficult, once he was finally out of his casts came the […]

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  • 5 Questions All Mentees Should Ask

    5 Questions All Mentees Should Ask

    Questions for Your Mentor that Steer the Relationship Younger workers are doing quite a bit of job-hopping these days, which may resonate with you. Outside of a strong desire for more work flexibility and better pay, many workers are leaving jobs because they want employers that use mentoring to invest in their growth. Sound familiar? This is workplace mentoring programs […]

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