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Author: Laura Francis

  • Mentoring Programs Are Not One Size Fits All

    Mentoring Programs Are Not One Size Fits All

    Lessons Learned about Mentoring in the Workplace Over the past two decades, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations on designing, launching, and managing their mentoring programs. We’ve learned many lessons over the years as to what works well and what does not work so well when it comes to mentoring in the workplace. We’ve also seen trends emerge around how […]

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  • How Effective Are You as a Mentor?

    How Effective Are You as a Mentor?

    Mentor Training Resources In a recent blog, I wrote about effective and ineffective qualities of mentees. Let’s turn our attention now to effective and ineffective qualities of mentors. As I stated last time, mentoring success truly comes down to the people involved: the level of commitment you have toward the mentoring relationship, and your willingness to work with your mentoring partner […]

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  • Why Peer and Reverse Mentoring Make Sense for Onboarding Programs

    Why Peer and Reverse Mentoring Make Sense for Onboarding Programs

    How Mentoring Software Can Help You with Your Onboarding Efforts I’ve been watching Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? with my 10-year-old son lately. The television game show has gotten a reboot and is airing new episodes on Nickelodeon. It’s been fun to watch his reaction to a game show that centers on 9- and 10-year-old children helping adults […]

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  • When Mentoring Programs Fail

    When Mentoring Programs Fail

    Avoid These Three Scenarios for Mentoring Program Success I recently wrote about failure as it pertains to a personal experience and how we can still learn from a situation even when things don’t go as planned. This got some of my colleagues asking: What about when it happens on a larger scale, like with a mentoring program? Over the course […]

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  • Establishing REAL Developmental Goals

    Establishing REAL Developmental Goals

    Mentoring Relationship Goals Most everyone knows about SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Chances are you have used this mnemonic acronym at some point in your career to help you focus in on a performance goal or complete a complex and multifaceted project. I myself have used it and have taught others about it.

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  • Improve Millennial Engagement Through Onboarding Programs

    Improve Millennial Engagement Through Onboarding Programs

    Why Onboarding Programs Fail A 2014 Bentley University study revealed that the majority of recent Millennial graduates gave themselves a C- when it came to their level of preparedness for the workforce. Many people from this huge generation, an estimated 75% of the global workforce by 2025, are arriving to your organization lacking skills, knowledge and cultural awareness they will need to […]

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  • What Is Mentoring?

    What Is Mentoring?

    Mentoring, Coaching, Sponsorship, and More What is mentoring, exactly? It’s a hot topic these days as organizations look to improve their leadership pipeline, offer professional development opportunities, increase diversity among their employee base, close skill gaps, address generational issues, and more. With 40% of workers (or more) considering quitting within the next 6 months, organizations need talent development and engagement […]

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  • Mentoring Makes Employees Happy and Productive

    Mentoring Makes Employees Happy and Productive

    The Mentoring ROI Numbers that Tell the Story Here at MentorcliQ we’ve helped our clients attain success with mentoring, helping them make a difference in employee development, engagement, retention, and productivity. In fact, research we conducted with our clients highlights the enormous factor mentoring can play in the life of employees and in the success of organizations.

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  • My Mentoring Mantra

    My Mentoring Mantra

    The Personal Side of Mentoring As most of us have experienced, the lines between work life and home life have blurred in recent years.  As a remote employee, I try to set boundaries for when I work so that I don’t lose my personal time altogether.  But I have also found myself seeing parallels between my personal life and what […]

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