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Build Your Successful Mentoring Program

You can use this document to gain buy-in from executive sponsors, to get the coveted buy-in and a budget from your executive teams, or to plan out your next stage of program development if you’ve already received executive approval. 

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The Mentoring Movement

Organizations embracing the Mentoring Movement see remarkable boosts in employee engagement, development, and retention. This book takes data from millions of mentoring hours to reveal the secret to meeting employee needs and delivering a complete employee experience through mentoring.

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Mentoring Trends for 2024: Making Headway on Productivity, DEI, and Upskilling Goals

The Great Gloom has followed last year’s Great Resignation and brought with it productivity declines, DEI strategy changes, and an increased need for upskilled and reskilled workers. 

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10+ Clear Benefits of Mentoring Programs

Companies worldwide are looking everywhere they can for effective, high-impact employee retention and engagement strategies. Most now turn to structured mentoring programs to uniquely connect employees into active learning engagements that leverage the skills and experience of the mentor.

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