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  • What Is Mentoring?

    What Is Mentoring?

    Mentoring, Coaching, Sponsorship, and More What is mentoring, exactly? It’s a hot topic these days as organizations look to improve their leadership pipeline, offer professional development opportunities, increase diversity among their employee base, close skill gaps, address generational issues, and more. With 40% of workers (or more) considering quitting within the next 6 months, organizations need talent development and engagement […]

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  • Questions and Curiosity Drive Deeper Learning in Mentoring

    Questions and Curiosity Drive Deeper Learning in Mentoring

    Building Critical Mentoring Skills One of the most common (and vexing) experiences for any parent with a young child is when the child asks why…incessantly. And while just thinking about this type of scenario can bring on an eye twitch, it actually provides a great example of how children embrace a wonderful curiosity for and openness to learning—something people seem […]

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