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Beyond Salary: Must-Haves For New Professionals

Beyond Salary: Must-Haves for New Professionals. Spoiler Alert: Mentoring!

Join Jenn Labin, Chief Talent & Diversity Officer at MentorcliQ for this event hosted by SHRM and sponsored by DocuSign. Jenn will be highlighting the new must-haves for professionals which will of course include employee mentoring to keep employees engaged, happy and developing their career. Most people believe that having a mentor is important to their career.

Mentoring is a non-negotiable with millennial job seekers and for good reason, with MentorcliQ, we are seeing that mentoring not only increases employee happiness and engagement of the new professional, it also decreases employee turnover by over 50%


Beyond Salary: Must-Haves for New Professionals

Sponsored by DocuSign

LIVE:  January 28, 2020, 12 P.M. ET
ON-DEMAND: January 29, 2020- April 2020


Why Attend:

Attracting top talent is an ongoing challenge for just about every organization. New professionals are more savvy and expect their next job to come with more than just a competitive salary. Mentoring is a non-negotiable with millennial job seekers and for good reason, at MentorcliQ, we are seeing that mentoring not only increases employee happiness but it also decreases employee turnover by over 50%.

What You Will Learn:

In this dynamic webcast, author Jenn Labin will share four non-negotiables for new professionals, particularly Millennials, beyond salary. She will discuss how to set up talent to see their part in the organization's mission, provide access to tools, ensure they are part of valuable work, and provide connection opportunities across the organization. Participants will walk away with tangible best practices for onboarding new professionals that they can apply immediately at their organization.

Why Job Seekers Should Seek Mentoring:

"Mentoring is a must-have employee benefit."
-MentorcliQ's CEO, Phil George

Employees involved in a mentoring program are measurably more engaged at work, more productive, and less likely to want a new job. A mentoring program provides employees with a clear path for professional and personal growth, which is unavailable at many other jobs. For mentees, there is access to their mentor’s extensive knowledge base, strategies for advancing successfully within the company, and established network of industry contacts. For mentors, there is an essential glimpse into the new perspectives a fresh employee brings to the enterprise and the opportunity to stay connected to the pulse of day-to-day operations.



Chief Talent & Diversity Officer


Jenn Labin is Chief Talent & Diversity officer at MentorcliQ. She has more than 15 years of experience in talent development, training and design. Previously Labin was the owner of TERP Associates, which was recently acquired by MentorcliQ, combining TERP's expertise with MentorcliQ's award-winning mentoring software to expand mentoring content, training and value for customers. Labin is the author of Mentoring Programs that Work, a unique approach to building scalable and sustainable mentoring programs. She is a regular presenter at the ATD International Conference, ATD chapters and MentorCom.

MentoringPrgramsThat Work

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Gracey Cantalupo is the Chief Marketing Officer at MentorcliQ. Gracey has over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications ranging from consumer products, entertainment and the software space. Gracey has a passion for mentoring, learning and teaching others. Gracey got to share this passion as an Adjunct Professor at NYU for Search & Digital Marketing and is excited to spread the mentoring love to employees globally with MentorcliQ.

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