CARDINAL HEALTH – #mentoring stories

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CARDINAL HEALTH – #mentoring stories

#MentoringStories – Cardinal Health

by MentorcliQ

MentorcliQ kicks off 2020’s National Mentoring Month with the #MentoringStories series. National Mentoring Month is the time of year to reflect on mentoring relationships that have made an impact in your life and in your career. If you missed the first mentoring story featuring FOX you can catch up here. We are excited to share inspiring mentoring stories from customers that are making their employee’s careers brighter and gratifying through employee mentoring programs. In this series, we are going to highlight some stories from real employee mentoring program participants. Our Second mentoring story comes from Cardinal Health!


What Mentoring Means At Cardinal Health

Mentoring has always been part of the strong inclusive culture at Cardinal Health. As a key element to its global talent management strategy, Cardinal Health has championed mentoring programs to offer individualized learning experiences to their employees to help them grow personally and professionally. In 2015 Cardinal Health implemented the MentorcliQ technology which further amplified their mentoring culture and made the program accessible to employees across business units worldwide.  In 4 short years Cardinal Health expanded their reach to over 20 mentoring programs across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Asia Pacific regions, spanning topics in career development, functional expertise, and diversity and inclusion.

Mentoring Programs
Employee Experience Scores

Program success at Cardinal Health speaks for itself. With incredibly high employee experience scores, 97% satisfaction across the mentoring population, Cardinal Health was able to save over $5 million through employee retention with their mentoring program.  To further validate the success of their programs, they have been featured Chief Learning Officer and in ATD Magazine. Cardinal Health has also won multiple awards including the Brandon Hall Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring Award and the ATD Excellence in Practice Award in partnership with MentorcliQ as their mentoring software vendor.

Cardinal Health #MentoringStories

Cardinal Health was so successful in igniting a strong mentoring culture that they did not have to market the program internally. Instead, mentoring grew primarily through word of mouth and demand from employees.  The following story highlights one of the many happy mentoring partnerships at Cardinal Health from a mentors point of view.

“I have definitely enjoyed the opportunity to be a mentor. The Mentorship Program provided not only a great leadership opportunity, but also a great learning experience as well. Despite being in similar fields, my mentee and I came from very different educational backgrounds — so it was very interesting learning about how she’s using her medical and engineering experience to make an impact in her role. I also enjoyed our discussions about career advancement and interviewing tips. With my background in business, I was able to provide valuable insights for the EMERGE interview process and provide resume tips as well. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the experience of being a mentor and would recommend it to a colleague.”

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