#Customer Love – MentorcliQ Customer Reviews

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#Customer Love – MentorcliQ Customer Reviews

#Customer Love – MentorcliQ Reviews By Industry   

The customer love for MentorcliQ spans across company sizes and industries! MentorcliQ is not only the most reviewed and highest rated employee mentoring platform, we also have the most enthusiastic customers. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in these reviews that we organized by industry and in the word cloud based on the actual copy that customers use in their MentorcliQ Reviews.

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“Tell a stronger mentoring story with MentorcliQ!”

“The system helps to make matches better, automates the process and streamlines our mentoring programs. MentorcliQ gives us data to help us understand how much time people are spending and what they are focusing on in the mentoring relationship. MentorcliQ helps you tell a much clearer mentoring success story than spreadsheets and manual matching! One of the biggest things that makes our partnership with MentorcliQ great beyond the software is the support that we receive from our success coach. He gives us both the practical advice and experience, is always available and on top of things and is able to think outside the box. He has learned about our company inside and out which helps him bring value to our programs at ICF.”
– Josh, ICF

“User friendly and intuitive mentorship matching and management software”

“This has saved my group time in the overall program management of our mentorship program. The matching options are some of the best compared to other products in this price range. The personality portion and the matching options given to the administrator. I also find they have very knowledgeable and agile customer service.”
– Julie, Milliman

“Excellent Customer Service, High Quality, easy to use product.”

“I appreciate our partnership with MentorcliQ and have found everyone in the organization to be professional, responsive and customer focused. Your offering is great and the service is top notch.”


“Best vendor partner I’ve ever worked with!”

“MentorcliQ provided us with a comprehensive, white glove, “soup to nuts” solution that accomplished multiple business objectives. I could go on and on, but quite simply, the software (and team!) helped us redefine and rethink what mentoring could be and achieve.”
– Sean, 21st Century FOX


“Great launching point for robust mentoring!”

“We love the ease of access and the framework for setting up and launching our pairs. The matching tool got rave reviews from our participants.”
– Debra, Moffatt & Nichol


“Great software with an amazing support team”

“Since implementing MentorcliQ I have seen an improvement in our relationship matches and the program communication and reporting has increased dramatically.”

“MentorcliQ really takes the approach of true customer service. They have been a true partner.”

“This was the smoothest implementation. We previously had a manual process of over 500 participants, so the ease of MentorcliQ has really given our team time back in our day. The customer support has been outstanding as well!”
– Kate, TMX

Health Care

“Great software that actually saves you time and increases productivity”

“MentorcliQ has been essential in helping us match new graduate nurses with the perfect mentor for them, and then provide timely communication so that both partners stay engaged in the mentoring process. All of our stakeholders have expressed their gratitude for the program, and for the platform, which makes it easy for them to manage the mentoring relationship independently. It also saves an insane amount of time for administrators of the mentoring programs, by automating matching, communication, and tracking. It’s been a huge win for us!”
– Karna, St. Lukes Hospital System

“It does it all for you – it’s like one-stop-shopping!”

“I have many business friends that run mentoring programs in their companies with great success – except when it comes to the matching! Most do it manually and takes valuable time away from what the real work it. It does it all for you – it’s like one-stop-shopping! I can enroll people, communicate with my people, run reports, add articles/videos to their library, and now mobile app!”
– Chris, Partners Health Care

“The MentorcliQ staff are incredible partners. Their product, service and support are the best.”

“The user interface is simple to understand and easy to use. Set up is fast and the tool is very flexible. The platform can host multiple programs as we continue to grow and allows for customization of each as needed. The visual personality survey portion of the matching program is unique and extremely useful in the matching process. The system offers matching options that fit with each program’s goals. The variety of features provide visually pleasing graphic reporting, resource library with documents and videos, the communication tools enable high touch connection with participants with minimal effort and tracking tools that are fantastic administrative time savers. The surveys capture quantitative and qualitative data. We can add company specific resources and export data easily. The customer support team are responsive, involved and committed partners. They never disappoint.”
– Susan, Cardinal Health

Mining & Minerals

“We love MentorcliQ!!!”

“We’ve had nothing but great experiences with MentorcliQ! Their team is amazing and our employees love their software! I would highly recommend this vendor/product to anyone!”
– Jamie, Worthington Industries


“Great Mentoring Experience – Seamless”

“Our ability to match mentors and mentees on a larger scale has been excellent. The ability to track success and gauge feedback through the MentorCliq tool has also enabled our organization to keep a pulse on how the program is advancing. The customer service team has been very responsive when we send emails or call regarding a specific report needed or when we need some additional support from our success coach on education of the resources within the tool. Thank you! The software is simple to use (user friendly) and doesn’t require a lot of navigation. As a mentor, the tools are easy to use to enter data and record hours. I can simply follow the links that are sent every month and enter information quickly and it is stored easily. As an administrator it is easy to download reports to show how the program is tracking. The matching tool is very efficient once the initial setup is complete. Now that our program is live, the registration process is easy and we can scale the program going forward.”
– Chris, Shire/Takeda

“Fun & Easy Way To Mentor”

“As a participant in the company mentoring program, I find the system really easy to use! It took minutes to enroll and then later I got matched up with me mentee. The software makes it easy to track the hours I spend mentoring and keep an eye on the goals of the relationship. Mentoring has also been really beneficial to me as a mentor, I feel like I am adding value to my mentee and I get re-energized about my own role making things a little more fun at work!”


“Great Platform and Incredible Partners”

“We’ve been working with MentorcliQ for over a year now, and in that time we’ve piloted and launched a global mentorship program to connect associates across our organization. It’s complex work, but MentorcliQ’s technology makes managing multiple programs incredibly easy for one or multiple administrators. Thank you MentorcliQ!”
– Heather, Red Hat

“MentorcliQ is an effective way for my IT team to share knowledge and train each other!”

“As a tech-saavy company, we have high standards and the Mentorcliq team and the platform meets and exceeds! My team uses Mentorcliq to share knowledge and expertise in 1 on 1 pairings and in group mentoring circles. As with most companies these days, employee development budgets and time is always strained, the mentoring structure keeps us in a regular cadence of training each other. We have seen excellent results in skill expansion and knowledge transfer.”

“The MentorcliQ team is professional and the support is fantastic”

“The system setup was well organized and MentorcliQ is easy to use! It covers all our needs and offers great resources and support.”
– Sonja, IGT


“MentorcliQ made everything about our mentoring program EASY and EFFECTIVE!”

“Choosing MentorcliQ eliminated waste prior to the waste ever existing. It was easy to setup and implement while being supported by the MentorcliQ team every step of the way. Within our organization, participants find the software simple and it allows visibility and metric reporting for Program Administrators. With the added the bonus of the resource library to support our participants, the program runs itself thanks to MentorcliQ.”
– Michelle, First Truck

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