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What is MentorCom?

MentorCom started in 2018 as an annual in-person event bringing together mentoring experts and organizations to create a mentoring community. At MentorCom we learn from one another by sharing experiences, best practices, and mentoring stories. As an attendee, you have the opportunity to Listen to colleagues, Learn from experts and Earn continuing education credits all while expanding your network and growing your expertise.

MentorCom is FREE for our community members so you can invite multiple people at your company to learn and benefit from all this engaging content.


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Registration is now closed | FREE for our community members

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What MentorCom Attendees Say…

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It’s super helpful to hear what other organizations are doing with mentoring!

mentorcom quote logo tmx finance

It’s super helpful to hear what other organizations are doing with mentoring!

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Built so much confidence and excitement in working with MentorcliQ! MentorCom is awesome, can’t wait for next year!

mentorcom quote logo mckee

I loved the level of enthusiasm at MentorCom – a great level of excitement around providing us (customers) what we need.

mentorcom quote logo fda

MentorCom is amazing! Especially learning about what the other people are doing in their mentoring programs.

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